The first dog coat I made was in 1981 for a friend's dog Linus. I then made coats for my own dogs into the 90's, especially towelling coats. After buying some waxed winter coats  I found that they were not washasble, thus making them good for one season only. Therefore my Clever Coat was conceived; the patent GB2388514 was granted in 2002.

Many ORIDGENAL ideas are born out of necessity and once I have seen the practicallities in my mind, I am able to transfer them into a design and then stitch the item. Although I started with Ridgebacks, other owners soon wanted coats for their dogs, from Jack Russell Terriers to Deerhounds! When our first Whippet joined us in 2004, more designs were added to the range. All my products are made with care and functionality in mind.