Polypropylene webbing lead, die cast trigger clips at each end with 2 D rings, giving a very versatile lead indeed!

Double thickness, so is also very comfy to hold.


Available in 9 colours: red, royal blue, yellow, green, black , burgundy, purple, pink, brown. 


£9.00 each







Combination lengths:


OPEN (end to end) 61" / 155CM>>

LONG (trigger clip in 2nd D ring) 51"/130cm>>


MEDIUM (trigger clip in 1st D ring) 33"/84cm>>


SHORT (2nd D ring clipidded into trigger) 24,5"62cm>>

EXTRA SHORT (smaller loop) 18"/46cm>>










Single thickness lead, with a ring in the handle to allow for shortening (33,5"/85cm) during training sessions but opens out for stays to 66"/168cm.


Available in theses 8 colours.


£5.00 each


Matching collar & lead discount -50p