Normally the backmeasurement is enough, but if your dog has specific requirements,please measure:


BACK - base of neck (head up) to dock (start of tail)

DEPTH - in between shoulder blades to top of elbow

FRONT - from middle of depth line to sternum (chest bone)

GIRTH - around smallest part of loin, behind rib cage, for                          Whippet, Greyhound and Lurcher coats


  • call with your order and/or any questions you may have ( 01406540921 / 07818015069 )
  • or email your order to:
  • cheques are still accepted, made payable to ORIDGENALS
  • card payments can be taken over the phone (PCI DSS approved)
  • online payment accepted on any subsequent orders
  • orders are dispatched within 15 working days


P&P for small parcels is £4.95 1st class or £3.95 2nd class, up to 2 large coats.

Big, heavier parcels are sent by courier @ £7.50.. P&P on mobile contact collars is £2.50.

Free P&P on orders over £450